A Sustainable Opportunity for Commercial Facilities

Sustainble building design and energy efficient living leads to environmentally responsible economic growth. Cool Roofs offer us one of our most simple and effective Global Warming mitigation strategies. Roof surfaces represent 20-25% of the built environ and act as "Solar Radiators" so much so that around 93% of a building's HEAT GAIN can be attributed to radiant energy (meaning the sun's rays converted to heat after absorption). In Australia, where the prominent source of a buildings heat gain is Radiant Sunlight and up to 93% of a buildings heat gain in summer is attributable to radiant heat. Reflective COOL Roofs should be a key focus in combating heat gain.

By reflecting more of the sun's energy these surfaces can be 20-40°C cooler translating into cooler occupancy zones, lowering cooling energy demand and thus delivering cost and energy emission savings.

Cool Roofs reflect maximum amounts of the sun's rays and light reflected is reflected as light, NOT HEAT, reducing the build up and storage of heat in urban environments.

In AUSTRALIA, most commercial buildings have Galvanised and Zincalume roofing which act as poor reflectors of solar energy.


Reduced Cooling Costs

Less Heat Penetration means lower cooling costs. Comparative studies identify cooling energy savings of 20-40% ¹are possible using Dulux® AcraTex® InfraCOOL® Technoloy

Improved Occupancy Comfort

In non-airconditioned facilities such as workshops and warehousing, cool roofs translate immediately to cooler working and warehousing facilities, improving productivity and stability of stored goods

Lowers Carbon Footprint

Less use of air conditioning reduced power consumption and associated Greenhouse Gasses which is good for the environment and for you. ² Globally Cool Roof Strategy could offset 24 billion tonnes of CO2 annually